Nekoyume Development Roadmap

v0: Preview Network - Q2, 2018

We will release the preview network before ICO starts. The preview wetwork will provide a level of gaming experience that will allow you to experience key fun elements before you buy your tokens so that you can preview the vision of the game to be released in the future. Novice is the only job available, and provides some basic information about Dungeon World's MVP combat with some monster information.

The preview network will release the code under the MIT license prior to ICO. Implementations of key consensus are included in the code, but some consensus may be below the level published in the white paper, which will be complemented at the test network season.

The ERC20 tokens purchased from ICO are not available on this stage. However, for token buyers, we will provide coins in games that can be experienced on the preview network separately.

v1: Test Network - Q3, 2018

The test network includes all of the basic fun elements of the game, reviewing logic defects present in the game, imperfections in implementation, and technical defects in the network.

You can choose all the jobs that are listed in the Dungeon World SRD, and you can choose all the characteristics of each job as well. If you achieve level 10, you will be able to transfer to another job, which will enable you to grow in the long term. It will include all the monsters listed in the Dungeon World SRD, and shows a more dynamic approach to the evolution of monsters.

Only users with ERC20 token purchased from ICO will be able to access the test network, and will only be paid special rewards on the main network for test network participants on this stage.

v2: Main Network - Q4, 2018

The main network fixes all major defects found on the test network to provide a stable and sustainable gaming experience. The main game starts from this point, and there is no data reset after that.

You can get the ERC20 tokens purchased from ICO to this game.